This is a take on the venerable Universal Audio LA2A tube opto compressor.  The PCB was made by Volker (aka [SilentArts] on the DIY forum) and it is a great layout.  It provides for two channels of opto tube compression, plus power supply on one PCB.  It’s faithful to the original circuitry, and the layout looks great with all the parts stuffed.  It’s too bad i can’t figure out a good way to make a glass front panel without it costing an arm and a leg.  I’m using Sowter transformers, Ohmite Little Devil carbon comp resistors, Solen fast capacitors, silver mica capacitors, and the good old Sprague Orange Drop capacitors.  Should make for a tasty sound once everything is burned in.  The 12AX7 tubes are JJ Electronics, and i had all four balanced, matched, and selected for low noise and microphonics.  I’ve been learning a lot about component selection over the last year, and i hope this setup will have a good sonic signature after i get it all together.  If not, i have some other components that i’d like to try on the next time around.  I’m planning on building the next one with stepped switches so i can use it across the master buss and be able to recall settings easier.  Here’s a few pics of the build in progress: